Thursday, March 18, 2021

Almeda Riddle ~ Songs and Ballads of the Ozarks (1964)

Definitely more of a folk album than country, but I'm posting this album here because I'm proud of the remastering job I did on it and to maybe expose some of you to something new. Almeda was the real deal ... unaccompanied traditional ballads that had been passed down in her family for generations. She recorded only a handful of albums during her short career but this was the first and it's my favorite. One of my top ten favorite albums of any genre ever. I included a 14th track from the same sessions that Vanguard included on a sampler. I will be posting this album and her others on my folk music blog soon for those who will be interested.
Title: Songs and Ballads of the Ozarks
Year: 1964
Label: Vanguard
Source: Vinyl (Lovingly restored AND remastered in 24-bit for my personal listening. Sound quality grade: A+.)
# of tracks: 14 (Bonus tracks: "The Wreck of the No. 9")


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